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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:26 pm 

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This amp is beginning to get a bit of a service history, if anyone would like to help they can just do a search on my username/call sign. Not sure if previous repairs/failures are pertinent.

SN# 1183
FW 3.0D

After a recent move finally got shack put together. I can't remember if this thing was working properly over a year ago, the last time I used it, but I thought for sure it was. I really doubt it was damaged during the move.

The short story: I have low output with flamed C36...right next to the power switch connections on the main board.
The complicating factor: I already had low output before C36 flamed.

The long story: I had gone through and re-set bias to 150mA per device hoping that was why I only had 35 watts on 40 meters. After resetting bias, and re-assembly, I only had 35 watts on 40 meters. So I hooked up the dummy load, checked my exciter output (2.5-5watts per band) and then set out to map the amp. As soon as I keyed 160 meters into the dummy load, I heard a sizzle and my Astron 20 power supply "thermaled." Didn't blow any fuses on my power station. After a few minutes, I tried it again, and everything "worked:"

160M: 25 Watts, 7 amps
80M: 28 watts, 6.9 amps
40M: 28 watts, 6.3 amps
30M: 35? watts, 7.1 amps
20M: 25 watts, 5.6 amps
17M: 26 watts, 5.6 amps
15M: 24 watts, 4.7 amps
12M: 22 watts, 4.23 amps
10M: 23 watts, 5.55 amps
6M: 10 watts, 2.3 amps (I think my exciter is pretty anemic on 6 meters also)

AFTER I pulled these numbers, I admitted to myself that I smelled smoke and opened up the amp. Found flamed C36. Haven't tried/done anything else since.

Any ideas? Again, I had low power issues before the flamed C36 and had no trouble with checking/setting bias.

Tim NC0Q

Edit: Re-reading this post makes me sound quite ... I'm not sure how to put it ... negative. I should add that I have been nothing less than thrilled with this piece of equipment from the moment I unpacked the kit, and I become almost a little excited when anything in my humble shack breaks because that means I am about to learn something.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:47 pm 

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Hi Tim,

Wow those numbers certainly aren't typical for a HR50. S/N 1183 is one of the first production unit but we 100% support it and every other Hardrock-50. You can pack it up and send it to me and I'll find out what's up.

It doesn't matter how old it is, we'll make it work like new. Send me an email at wa2euj (at) arrl (dot) net and I'll send you my address and I'll fix it and send it back.


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