RATE and DIAL Functions Swapped
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Author:  ecpilot [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  RATE and DIAL Functions Swapped

I know I mentioned this to you previously and I rechecked my wiring with the schematic and couldn't find a problem. I then looked at the code in your "keypad code" file and they looked swapped there as well. The easy fix was swapping the "9" and "10" in the file lines near the bottom so it looks like this:
PORTD = 0x20;
if (PORTAbits.RA6 == 1) c=10;
if (PORTCbits.RC5 == 1) c=9;

I also changed the comment section at the top to reflect this change.
// 0 = No key pressed
// 1 = A<>B
// 2 = A=B
// 3 = FILTER
// 4 = MODE
// 5 = LNA
// 6 = METER
// 7 = BAND
// 8 = LO/HI
// 9 = RATE
// 10 = DIAL
What led me to this was comparing the sequence they were listed here and how they were set up in the schematic. A=B, MODE, METER, HI/LO, and DIAL being common as well as A<>B, FILTER, LNA, BAND and RATE also sharing a common line. This simple change in the code has now corrected the problem. I am not sure why no one else has seen this unless they didn't wire the switches exactly like they were in the schematic.

On another subject, I have the transmitter making some RF, basically with just the driver as one of the power MOSFETS was bad and i couldn't adjust the bias at all on that device so I pulled it and ordered a replacement. The CW works fine but of course at very low power. In your tune up section you said to adjust the driver bias to 100ma in SSB with no audio and then try to measure the output and adjust VR5 for a 1/2 watt. Well I am building the model where everything is on 1 board. Could you give me a procedure for adjusting the finals for when I get the bad one replaced? Also I am curious what you would suggest for a microphone. I tried connecting a computer mic but imagine that needs a voltage to run it (not sure) but in any event, I only got a tiny bit of distorted audio when transmitting in either USB or LSB. Thanks, Eric

Author:  jimveatch [ Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RATE and DIAL Functions Swapped

You should be able to adapt a mic from an old CB or Ham Radio or you could probably rig up a voltage output on the mic line to run your computer mic.

As for the final, you can isolate the power going to the PA by turning off the power switch and powering the driver stages and exciter/receiver from a separate line then run the PA through a line that only power the PA. Set the current for 20mA per device (20 - 40 - 60 - 80 mA total) and you should be ready to try you hand at RFI issues!


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