Who we are

We're hobbyist and amateur radio enthusiasts just like you.  We love to create exciting new kits that we ourselves use.  Our company was born out of a passion for innovation and customer service.

Our goal?

Provide quality products with the best customer service in the industry at the lowest price.  We work closely with our PCB manufacturers, machine shops and component suppliers to provide a quality, reliable product without the heavy overhead of a large company.  

Who is The Team?

Curtis Pope - Business and Logistics

ARRL Member and Technician class licensee Curtis Pope, KI4SXB is relatively new to the amateur radio hobby.  Curtis got his first call sign in 2007 in order to pursue APRS work on 2M.  Curtis is a self taught electronics designer that enjoys tackling challenging design obstacles.  Curtis as designed and built many different projects including a motorcross racing system using active/passive RFID, LED Signs, Motion detection system for hunting, home automation gadgets and Amateur Radio projects.  Curtis holds a Bachelor's of Science in Aviation Computer Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona.  When not working on HobbyPCB or at his "day job", Curtis loves fishing, flying and spending time with his young children.  At HobbyPCB, Curtis is responsible for enclosure/packaging/mechanical design, circuit layout and prep for manufacturing, ordering and logistics, sales, packaging and shipping and all other business related items.  Curtis lives with his family in the Clearwater, Florida area.



Jim Veatch - RF Engineering

ARRL member and Extra class licensee Jim Veatch, WA2EUJ received his first call sign in 1976. He is an avid kit builder and homebrewer and enjoys experimenting with and applying new technology to Amateur Radio projects. Jim holds an Associates Degree an Electronic Technology as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. Jim's ham radio projects have won awards in all three ARRL Homebrew Challenges. At HobbyPCB, Jim is responsible for RF design, new product development, kit buildability, amplifier whispering and wrestling the smaller alligators.  Jim lives with his family in the Baltimore, Maryland area.



Mike Loebl - Inventory Management

ARRL member and Extra class licensee Mike Loebl, KB1MTS received his first call sign in 2005.  Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Masters in Business Administration. He is often found tinkering with cutting-edge technologies and projects like 3D printers, homemade UAVs, and APRS interfaces.  At HobbyPCB, Mike is responsible for all inventory management, kit preparation, spare parts shipping, linux programming and website design and maintenance.  Every piece of every kit flows through Mike's capable hands before it makes it to our customers.  Mike lives with his family in the Boston, Massachusetts area.