Barebones 0.5W to 5W Drive Kit

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New REV C Version
- Increases the use of SMT components, reducing build time and complexity - no transformer to wind.
- Uses the ATU mounting holes so no drilling is required.
0.5 watts to 5 watts Driver kit, which can be used as a final amplifier for a QRP project or to upgrade an existing HARDROCK-50 that was purchased without the driver. SMT parts come pre-soldered, and the following through hole parts are supplied:
1 x RD16HHF1
1 x 6" RG-316
2 x 2-pin Terminal Blocks
3-Pin Header with bare wires
Thermal Grease
Mounting Hardware
This amplifier is intended for installation in a HARDROCK-50 power amplifier to lower the drive requirements or for general homebrewing. The driver amp covers 1.8 to 54 MHz and is not suitable for use with the RS-UV3 transceiver.
The driver kit, as supplied, does not have sufficient filtering to meet FCC Spurious Emissions requirements. If you intend to use the driver amp as a stand-alone 5W amplifier and connect its output to an antenna, additional filtering is required.
Details for using the Driver Amp for use as a stand-alone 5W amplifier are available on the Driver Amp technical information page:
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