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HARDROCK-500 Power Amplifier Support Kit

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Finally, 5 Watts in - 500 Watts out with one amplifier!
Now you can build your own 500 watt power amplifier for your QRP transceiver or SDR and bust through pile-ups or work in difficult propagation.
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The HARDROCK-500 Amplifier Support Package allows you to take an RF Power Tools AN-1919 or other 500W amplifier deck and build a fully functional QRP to 500W Amp.

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Hardrock-500 features:
  • Completely self-contained - built-in power supply for 100-250 VAC
  • Light weight - 7.5 Kg (16.5 lbs.) including power supply
  • Dual color LCD touch screen displays for metering and operating controls
  • Full HF coverage of 160-10M amateur bands
  • Seamless integration with transceivers from HobbyPCB, Elecraft, Yaesu, Elad and Xiegu
  • Internal ATU and input attenuation for 100W transceivers (coming soon)
  • Arduino Mega controller - 100% open source firmware
  • Automatic protection for SWR, temperature, voltage, current and excessive drive
  • 13.8V, 2A DC output to power QRP transceivers
  • USB control for unattended/remote operation
  • Legendary HobbyPCB support
The FCC does not allow the commercial sale of power amplifiers that operate below 30MHz with gain in excess of 15 dB. The Hardrock-500 is a project that involves the purchase of two products; a HobbyPCB Hardrock-500 amplifier support package and an amplifier deck available from various sources.  Through a resale agreement with RF Power Tools, we can provide both pieces together.  Please purchase the AN1819 Amplifier Deck to complete your amplifier or contact us for a list of other options.
More details about the HARDROCK-500 including assembly instructions can be found on our wiki site:


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