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The RS-UVPA is a 5W UHF/VHF Power Amp compatible with the RS-UV3, Hamshield or other low power UHF/VHF transceivers.


  • More than 5W output on 2m and 1.25m and more than 4W on 70 cm
  • Harmonics > -60 dBc
  • Wide input voltage range - 8 to 15 VDC
  • Current: TX 2 amps max @12 VDC, RX 30mA
  • DC-DC boost converter for constant output for all input volages
  • LNA with jumper selectable 2 or 15 dB gain and
  • RX filter removes out-of-band signals
  • Drive level can be set for 50mW to 750mW
  • SWR protection 
  • Size 75mm X 120mm X 40mm
  • Weight < 100g 


  • RS-UV3 - The RS-UVPA plugs directly into transceiver, no cables or jumpers needed. The RS-UVPA is the same size as the RS-UV3 with aligned mounting holes for flexible mounting options. Both boards can be slid into a 75mm X 120mm extrusion. Headers for direct connection to the RS-UV3 are suppied with the kit.  Custom case available soon
  • Hamshield - The RS-UVPA can be connected via a coax jumper to the Hamshield transceiver to provide extra transmit power and significantly improve the Hamshield RX sensitivity and filtering. Control signals for the RS-UVPA can be provided by the Arduino
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