HF Radio : RS-HFIQ to IQ32 Upgrade Kit
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RS-HFIQ to IQ32 Upgrade Kit

DOES NOT include the RS-HFIQ 5W Transceiver board. Upgrade kit to turn your existing RS-HFIQ into an IQ32. The IQ32 is 5W output, 80-10M Amateur Radio transceiver with powerful 32 bit processing providing high-end features at an entry level price. The IQ32's 3.2" color LCD touch-screen display and dual control knobs provide an enjoyable operating experience in a robust package.
Sales price: $290.00
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DOES NOT include the RS-HFIQ 5W Transceiver board

Your RS-HFIQ MUST be Rev D or later to be compatible with the IQ32 Upgrade Kit

Available for immediate delivery!

This is an upgrade kit to turn your existing HobbyPCB RS-HFIQ into an IQ32.

Download the Assembly Manual for easy to follow instructions on assembly.

You can also see a video walkthrough of the assembly process on YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSNgfSL_FLY&feature=youtu.be

Introducing the HobbyPCB IQ32 HF transceiver, based on the high performance RS-HFIQ RF system, the receiver in the IQ32 consists of 5 band-pass filters to reject out-of-band signals, an LNA with frequency dependent gain and a conventional quadrature down-converter. The transmitter features a Class A, 5W power amplifier with individual low-pass filters for each band to exceed FCC requirements for spectral purity.

The IQ32 features a large, color, touch-screen display providing an enhanced user interface and informative spectrum and waterfall displays found on radios costing much more. With a powerful STM-32 DSP processor, the IQ32 transceiver has variable filtering, multi-mode AGC, memory functions, built-in PSK encode/decode with keyboard support.

5W not enough power? Add a HARDROCK-50 to your station to boost up to 50W. The IQ32 and HARDROCK-50 seamlessly integrate together for a powerful mobile/base station!

Simple upgradeable firmware, no connection to a computer required, no drivers, no cables. Simply insert a thumb-drive with the appropriate file and the IQ32 updates its own firmware.


  • Frequency Range: 3-30MHz (performance guaranteed on 80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12/10M ham bands)
  • Sensitivity: MDS < -128 dBm on 80M dropping to < -135 on 10M
  • Noise Figure: < 8 dB
  • TX Power: 5W typical, 4W minimum
  • LO Feed-thru: < -50 dBc @ 5W output
  • Spurious and Harmonics: < -50 dBc typical
  • DC Power: 13.8VDC, 2 amp max
  • Size: 172mm x 105mm X 75mm
  • Weight: < 700 grams
  • Display: 3.2" Color LCD Touchscreen
  • Modes: USB, LSB, CW, PSK 31
  • DSP Processor: STM-32, 32 Bit




HobbyPCB IQ-32

Xiegu X5105

Elecraft KX2









Power Output




Power Amp

Class A

Class AB

Class AB


6.8” X 4.1” X 3.0”

6.6” X 3.6” X 1.9”

5.8” X 2.8” X 1.5”



Not Available



1.5 pounds

2.1 pounds

1 pound


3.2” Color, Touchscreen

3.6” Monochrome

4” Monochrome


Full IF DSP, 32 Bits

AF DSP only

Full IF DSP, 32 Bits

IF Filter

Multiple DSP filters

Analog filters

Multiple DSP filters


Available with HR50 amp


Optional, Built-in


External Pack


Optional, Built-in

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