Monday, 14 April 2014 02:56

After a very active pre-order, we are all caught up on shipping and have HARDROCK-50 Amplifier Kits in stock and shipping within 2-5 days of order.  We would like to thank all of our pre-order customers for their patience and remind them that if they need any support during the build of their kit, we are here for you!

HobbyPCB Team

Monday, 14 April 2014 02:47

In response to owner requests, we've been working on an autotuner for the HARDROCK-50 amplifier.  Initially, the idea was to make the ATU a bolt-on option which would add about 2" (50mm) to the overall height, but HR50 owners told us to figure out how to get it inside the current enclosure.  We've been working hard towards that goal and the initial specs are as follows:

Network Type:          L-network (series L, shunt C); C switchable to input or output
Inductance Range:    0-7.5 uH in 128 steps
Capacitance Range:   0-1300 pF in 128 steps
Frequency Range:     1.8 to 55 MHz
Tuning Range:         10:1 or better (lower on 160 and 6 meters)
Minimum Power:      2 watts or more required for autotuning
Maximum Power:     100 watts
Tuning Time:          TBD
Memory:                 Non-volatile storage of 200 tuning solutions

The ATU will receive band info from the HR50 and if the HR50 is receiving frequency data from the attached transceiver, the tuner will receive the frequency as well.  This will allow tuning solutions to be applied before the amp is keyed.

Come check out our prototype at Dayton Booth NH0164